Anthropologist Rudi Colloredo-Mansfeld (UNC) will be on our campus next
Wednesday and Thursday for two public talks.

Rudi is an ethnographer of the Ecuadorian Andes, where he examines community economies and cultural change
in the context of globalization. He is the author of The native leisure
class: consumption and cultural creativity in the Andes
(Chicago, 1999) and
Fighting like a community: Andean civil society in an age of Indian
(Chicago, 2009).

Wednesday, February 23: As part of the Sovereignty and Autonomy Symposium
Series, he will present and discuss a paper titled

“Urbanizing the Practice

of Autonomy in the Americas: A Comparison of Street Protest in California

and Ecuador” on Wednesday, February 23, from 3-5 pm at the Center for Advanced

Study (910 W. Illinois St,. Urbana

).  The paper,  part of collaboration with

Susan Phillips (Pitzer College), approaches the issue of “autonomy” in
dialogue with James Scott’s The art of not being governed (Yale, 2009).  An
excerpt from Scott’s book, along with a related essay by Colloredo-Mansfeld
and a draft of the paper he will be presenting at the symposium, are

available here if you’d like to consult them before the meeting:

On Thursday, February 24 at noon,  Colloredo-Mansfeld will present a public
talk, titled: “Rafael Correa’s Multi-Colored Dream Shirt,” at the Center for
Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Room 100 International Studies
Building (910 S. Fifth St, Champaign).