Illini Independent, an editorial journal on campus invites you to write an op-ed piece for the Spring 2011 issue.

The journal focuses on a variety of themes. In the past we have had articles focused on varied topics ranging from – the relevance of the World Trade Organization to Diversity and Multiculturalism on Campus; Women Empowerment and Discrimination to environmental issues such as the BP oil spill, the need for environmental education in schools and the GM food debate; Immigration issues in United States to Homelessness issues in the Urbana-Champaign – amongst host of others!

We would really appreciate it if you could share your thoughts and opinions about some topic you are passionate about. Both faculty and students are invited to contribute.
The suggested word limit is 500-1000 words.

The submission due date will be 11:59pm February 25th 2010. However if you are set on submitting an article and cannot submit it before the deadline. Please contact us and we can make arrangements. For more specifics please visit, or contact us at

The contributor letter is embedded in this email (below) and I have also attached a pdf version.

In case you wanted to have a look at our previous three issues, you can access them at More information about the journal, our editing process and some resources on writing are also posted under different sections on the website.


Illini Independent Team

About Illini Independent

Our aim is to provide quality opinions/editorials and a conducive platform for meaningful and insightful discussions on various issues concerning the campus and the society at large.
We invite various faculty and students to comment on key issues affecting our society and the Champaign-Urbana campus community.