Do you have a passion for art or archaeology? Do you want to share that passion with students of all majors? Join SAHA!
Undergraduate SAHA (Society for Art History and Archaeology) is a student-led academic and social society open to everyone.  Our goal is to meet like-minded art enthusiasts, expanding undergraduate students’ networking resources and providing a forum to discuss art and archaeology.  We also organize trips to art museums and galleries, and this year are starting a newsletter highlighting the art-related events on campus!
This organization is open to all majors, not just art-related ones! If you have an interest in art or archaeology, we hope you will get involved with Undergrad SAHA.
****SAHA is especially looking to involve more anthropology majors into the organization.  The anthropological perspective is highly unique and vital to understanding all art and archaeology has to offer.  One of the biggest aims of SAHA is to unite students of all majors and backgrounds to discuss the intricacies of material culture.  No matter whether you are an archaeological, linguistic, sociocultural, or biological anthropologist, SAHA wants to hear your thoughts!

For more information, find us on facebook under “Undergrad SAHA” or visit our website at