The Annual Symposium of Soyuz
The Research Network for Postsocialist Cultural Studies
March 11-12, 2011 – Levis Faculty center
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


MARCH 11, FRIDAY – Levis Center, Third Floor



Keynote Panel
Katherine Verdery (CUNY)
Michael Burawoy (UC Berkeley)


New Geopolitical Imaginaries I: What East-West Directionality?

Neoliberalism, Markets, and Socialism
Johanna Bockman (George Mason University)

Ghosts of ’97: Ponzi Finance as a Living Paradigm of Postsocialist Neoliberalism
Smoki Musaraj (The New School)

Provincializing Neoliberalism through Culture(s)
Manduhai Buyandelger (MIT)

Reinstating International Women’s Day: Communist Relic, Euro-Conformity, or Radical Feminism?
Karen Kapusta-Pofahl (Washburn University)

Discussant: Maria Todorova (University of Illinois)

What Was the Socialist Subject?

Commodity-As-Comrade: The Politics and Practice of Consumption in Brezhnev’s Lithuania
Diana Mincyte (Yale University)

Transnational Epistemic Communities in Socialist Psychology
Tuomas Laine-Frigren (Jyväskylä/Aleksenteri Institute, Helsinki)

From Socialist Internationalism to Contemporary Nomadism
Beth Hinderliter (SUNY, Buffalo)

Discussant: Neringa Klumbyte (Miami University)

New Geopolitical Imaginaries II: The Whiteness of State Socialism and Postsocialism

In the Claws of the Black Crab: Historical Imagination in Postcolonial Europe
Dace Dzenovska (University of Latvia)

From Non-Alignment to EU: the case of socialist Yugoslavia and postsocialist Slovenia
Nina Vodopivec (Institute for Contemporary History, Ljubljana, Slovenia)

Whitened Histories: Revision, Reaction and Race in the Post-State-Socialist Politics of History in Hungary
József Böröcz (Rutgers University)

Discussant: Bruce Grant (NYU, ASEEES)

Living in Truth: Making Postsocialist Subjects

“The Power of the Powerless”: Eastern European Socialist Dissent, Western Theories of Civil Society, and their Brokers
Jonathan Larson (University of Iowa)

Secrets and Lies: “Truth-telling” and transparency in Hungary’s informer scandals
Maya Nadkarni (Swarthmore College)

Transparency between West and East
Susanne Cohen (Temple University)

Discussant: Jessica Greenberg (Northwestern)

Postsocialism as a Global Political Condition?

Post-Socialism is not Dead: Re-conceptualizing the Global in Comparative Education
Iveta Silova (Lehigh University)

A Genealogy of (post-)Soviet Dependency: Civil Rights or Redistribution
Cassandra Hartblay (University of North-Carolina, Chapel Hill)

The Politics of Recognition in Post-Socialist Latvia
Alexandre Beliaev (University of California, Berkeley)

Future as a Predicament: Answerable Politics and the Crisis of Youth in Postwar Bosnia
Larisa Kurtovic (University of California, Berkeley)

Postsocialism and/as the Anthropology of Democracy
Jessica Greenberg (Northwestern University)

Discussant: Zsuzsa Gille (University of Illinois)

Concluding Roundtable