Andy Orta from the UIUC Anthropology Department will be speaking on Wednesday, March 16 at 3:30pm in room 307 Greg Hall on “Forged vulgar citizens: autonomy and its limites in semi-neoliberal Bolivia.”

This is a History Department colloquium event, one that gives us a talk about shared interests across disciplinary lines. Andy’s interests in civic life, national identity, and neoliberalism will surely be of broad interest.

This paper examines the impact of processes of political decentralization upon rural indigenous communities of the Bolivian highlands. Focusing on the creation of new rural municipalities, I trace the ways in which new imaginings and institutions of national civic life engage local modes of social production that have long entangled indigenous communities and subjects within the nation and beyond, and discuss what these experiences of this emerging administrative environment can tell us about the texture of civic and political space under neoliberalism and its aftermath.