Live with and learn from members of Mexico’s most inspiring social movements

Summer (application deadline is March 31st):
June 5 – July 2: Chiapas: Zapatismo and the Other Campaign
July 3 – July 30: Tlaxcala and Mexico City: Mexican social movements urban and rural
June 5 – July 30 (8wks/10credits): combined program

Fall (application deadline is May 1st):
September 4 – December 10: Chiapas, Tlaxcala, Mexico City: Mexican social movements

During the programs you will:

* Learn about rural organizing around autonomy and
fall group
Fall 2010 group (Tlaxcala)
culture from indigenous communities in Chiapas.
* Learn about migration first-hand from former US guest-workers in Tlaxcala.
* Learn about urban organizing from autonomous squatter communities in Mexico City.
* Participate in workshops on natural medicine, gender dynamics, traditional weaving, intercultural communication, and mural painting

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The Autonomous University of Social Movements (AUSM) offers the only master’s in community organizing in the United States based in a Latino community center. Our rigorous combination of theory, context and hands-on practice is truly unique. Our students say we’re Awesome – and we are, that is, AUSM.

Classes include:

* Popular education theory and practice
* An in depth look at community organizing models, including autonomous, Alinsky-style, faith-based, identity, labor and cultural organizing
* Issues in community organizing, including race/gender/class dynamics, identity, cross-cultural communication, leadership, and challenges facing immigrant communities
* Issues in urban organizing, including urban dynamics, social geography, police, public education, and public health.
* Political analysis, including power analysis, anti-capitalist perspectives, local power structures, and political parties

Each student designs and implements a community practicum, which might include:

* Working with women’s cooperatives dedicated to food preparation or cleaning services
* Developing community responses to police harassment, sub-par public education or housing issues
* Developing popular education curriculum and teaching ESL or bilingual adult high school classes

Each student develops a research project in collaboration with community members.

An optional eight week summer program in Mexico introduces students to Mexico’s most important and vibrant social movements, including indigenous movements in Chiapas, housing movements in Mexico City, and campesino movements in Tlaxcala.

Graduates receive a fully-accredited degree from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. For more information, see AUSM and the University of Wisconsin-Miluwakee website.

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