Sarah Phillips received her PhD in cultural anthropology from our department in 2002.  As a recipient of a dissertation writing fellowship from the Woodrow Wilson Foundation in 2001, she’ll be featured in the upcoming issue of the Woodrow Wilson Foundation Newsletter, coming soon, comparing her research on the Chernobyl nuclear disaster with the current situation in Japan.  Here’s a preview:

Sarah Phillips

Sarah Phillips WS ’01: World Watches Japan,
But Chernobyl’s Not Over

“As they observe the situation in Japan, people in Ukraine are definitely drawing on their memories of Chernobyl,” says Sarah Phillips WS ’01. “The Soviet government covered up the extent of the Chernobyl disaster during the first few days and long after. People are paying a lot of attention to how the Japanese government is handling the unfolding situation.” Dr. Phillips, associate professor of anthropology at Indiana University-Bloomington, talks about life in present-day Chernobyl in the forthcoming spring issue of Fellowship, the newsletter of the Woodrow Wilson Foundation.