First Annual Seniors Capstone Conference
Department of Anthropology, UIUC
April 21, 2011
Session 1: “Managing Identity, Perceiving the World: Anthropological Perspectives”
6:00 PM: Erin Hageman, “Moving the Body or Moved by the Spirit: Investigating Women’s Body
Images and Beauty Ideals at the University of Illinois”
6:20 PM: Audrey Gallien, “Stories of College Atheists: Coming out of the Closet, and Ways of Coping
with Stigma”
6:40 PM: Emily Heaton, “Whose Museum? Changing Perceptions among UIUC Students”
7:00 PM: Rachel Zibrat, “Between Two Worlds or Blurring the Boundaries? Indian-American
Undergraduates Consuming and Performing Culture at the University of Illinois”
7:20 PM: Five-minute Break
Session 2: “Managing the World, Perceiving Its Effects: Anthropological Perspectives”
7:25 PM: Cassie Pontone, “Ethnically American: A Case Study of the Permanent Collections at the
Polish Museum of America, Their Selective History, and Their Representation of
Polish American Identity”
7:45 PM: Robert Wilkinson, “When One’s Neighbor Is the Enemy: Examining the Drug Wars of the
United States and Mexico, and the Very Enemy that These Wars Create”
8:05 PM: Irene Jaramillo, “Applying Carbon and Oxygen Isotope Analysis on Modern and Extinct
Fauna to Identify Birth Seasonality and Diet”
8:25 PM: Jacqueline Panizzo, “‘Securing the Homeland’: How the USA Patriot Act Constructs
Ideological Borders around the United States”
8:45 PM: Judges’ Conference
8:55 PM: Awards Ceremony

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