To Faculty:

I am writing to make you aware of several exciting educational opportunities in scientific publication, science writing, and mentoring for your students. We deeply appreciate your dedication to the sciences and hope that you will continue to encourage student involvement in research at your institution.

Since 1997, JYI has published over 500 research and features articles reviewed by members of our staff, who currently represent over 50 academic institutions from six countries. Featured in Nature, The New York Times, and Science, JYI aims to promote undergraduate science research through monthly publications of scientific manuscripts, features and news articles, and information pertinent to careers in science.

Students interested in joining our staff are encouraged to submit applications for available positions. All JYI staff members contribute their time on an unpaid basis, so a strong passion for promoting scientific research is desired. For more information on joining our journal’s staff, please go to: We are currently actively seeking candidates for the following positions:

Executive Board (average commitment of 10 hours/week)
  • Director of the Career Center
  • Director of Human Resources
  • Chief Development Officer
  • Chief Technical Officer
  • Director of Public Relations
  • Managing Editor
  • Senior Research Editor
General Staff (average commitment of 3-5 hours/week)
  • Science Journalist
  • Research Associate Editor
  • Career Researcher

We are also soliciting submissions for our research departments, which include Biology, Chemistry, Engineering, Physical Sciences and Mathematics, and Psychology and Social Sciences. Our editorial staff members carefully review and consider manuscripts for publication on our website. Senior honors theses and summer research papers are especially welcomed.

We would be very grateful if you could share these opportunities with your students. We would also appreciate it if you could kindly add a link to on your department’s webpage, as this would be yet another way for students to learn about JYI.

Thank you so much for your help!

Tim Xu

Tim Xu
Director of Public Relations
Journal of Young Investigators