Transnational Studies Colloquium: “Fighting for the Future of Food: Activists versus Agribusiness in the Struggle over Biotechnology”

Date Apr 29, 2011
Time 3:00 pm  
Location Room 223 Temple Hoyne Buell Hall
Speaker Rachel Shurman, Associate Professor of Sociology and Global Studies University of Minnesota, William Munro, Professor of Political Science and Director of International Studies, Illinois Wesleyan University
Sponsor Department of Sociology, Department of Geography, Department of Urban and Regional Planning, Center for Global Studies
Fighting for the Future of Food tells the story of how a small group of social activists, working together across tables, continents, and the Internet, took on the biotech industry and achieved stunning success. Rachel Schurman and William A. Munro detail how the anti-biotech movement managed to alter public perceptions about GMOs and close markets to such products. Drawing strength from an alternative worldview that sustained its members sense of urgency and commitment, the anti-GMO movement exploited political opportunities created by the organization and culture of the biotechnology industry itself.