ANTH 199: Cultural Perspectives on the Markets
You will not find a cooler class than this new course! It will be hands-on research, fun, and you will learn stuff you won’t learn in your other courses.
CRN: 58742
Meets: Monday and Wednesday [2:00 P.M. — 3:20 P.M.]
Instructor: Isabel  Scarborough
Location: Pennsylvania Ave Residence Halls
Credit: 3 hours
What comes to mind when we think about the market? Wall Street traders shouting across the floor? A shopping mall or grocery store? Street vendors peddling their wares? Bidding on electronics on e-bay? All of these are indeed part of what our society, and many other societies across the globe, call “the market.”
ANTH 199 will introduce basic concepts and analytical approaches to the market, and then explore the cultural theory of the market across different societies. Part of this exploration will involve research projects on how markets relate to the University of Illinois, e.g., the connection between local community markets and the University’s extension program; undergraduate student consumption practices; students’ use of and/or attitudes toward online marketplaces; and the sale of vegetables from the garden plots at Orchard Downs.