Medical anthropologist Paul Farmer (who is also a practicing physician) has long been celebrated for the important work he has been doing in Haiti (and elsewhere), combining his training as both a cultural anthropologist and a medical doctor.    The recipient of a MacArthur (“Genius”) fellowship, he is considered a visionary, and has become a hero to the current generation committed to using realistic knowledge about local realities to find workable solutions for the world’s poor.   He’s been speaking in many places recently abouthisa new book, just released (July 12, 2011), Haiti: After the Earthquake.   You can see him speak about the book, and the current situation in Haiti, on the PBS show, FRONTLINE (“The Quake):

A powerful report on Haiti’s tragedy, with never-before-seen footage. What can be done now – and who will do it?

Paul Farmer speaks at: 38:3042:57

Paul Farmer was also interviewed about the book on the Charlie Rose show (July 14):

And you can listen to a 31-minute podcast interview with him on the NPR radio show, “Fresh Air” (July 12), here: