Gov. Scott of Florida has singled out anthropology as an example of a wasteful college degree that neither trains students with useful job skills nor benefits the state of Florida.









You can read excerpts of his comments (made on a Florida radio show this past Mon.), and a critique by Mother Jones’ national security reporter,  Adam Weinstein, here:

A group of anthropology students at the U. of South Florida has waged a vigorous protest against this accusation.  They have created a terrific slideshow online showcasing multiple anthropological research projects they are conducting that directly benefit the citizens of Florida.  You can see their wonderful slideshow here:

And our own Prof. Virginia Dominguez, as president of the American Anthropological Association,  has co-authored an open letter to Gov. Scott inviting him to meet with her to learn of anthropology’s robust contributions to science, the economy, and Florida’s “well-being”; you can read Prof. Dominguez’s letter here: