Award Recipient Announcement from Dr. Robert Borofsky —

On behalf of the Center for a Public Anthropology, I am pleased to announce that one of Illinois’ faculty, Prof. Ellen Moodie in the Anthropology Department, has won Public Anthropology’s Ruth Benedict Global Citizenship Award. Named to honor one of the 20th century’s most prominent anthropologists, this award recognizes Dr. Moodie’s exceptionally effective participation in Public Anthropology’s Community Action Online Project as well her wider activities in the public sphere. Only a select few — less than 1% of the faculty teaching introductory anthropology courses across North America — receive this award.

Prof. Moodie is to be commended for how she takes classroom knowledge and applies it to real world challenges, thereby encouraging students to be responsible global citizens. In actively addressing important ethical concerns within anthropology, Prof. Moodie is providing students with the thinking and writing skills needed for active citizenship.

Congratulations to Prof. Moodie, the Anthropology Department, and the University of Illinois on this honor.

Dr. Rob Borofsky
Director, Center for a Public Anthropology
Professor of Anthropology, Hawaii Pacific University
Editor, California Series in Public Anthropology