From: The Huffington Post

Paul Stoller

Professor of Anthropology, West Chester University; Author, ‘The Power of the Between’

Mitt Romney and the Culture of Expediency

Posted: 11/30/11

Mitt Romney’s duplicity is yet again in the news. This time the GOP Presidential hopeful’s flip-flopping is the subject of a new Democratic National Committee (DNC) web video, called “Mitt vs. Mitt.” The web video recounts Mitt’s “fight against himself”… “the story of two men trapped in one body.”

How can someone who has flip-flopped on so many issues still manage to garner political support in a political climate that seems to reward the aura of unshakable conviction?

Here’s my take on this contradiction.

We live today in a culture of expediency. On one side of the culture of expediency we are overwhelmed by the complexities and stressors of contemporary social life, we yearn for simple solutions to a complex set of personal, social and economic problems that barrage us with too much information, too many due dates, and too many obligations. People who present “easy-to-understand” solutions attract our attention and perhaps our political support. On the other side of the culture of expediency, the same set of contemporary stressors compels us to take short cuts.

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