Yes, you read correctly.

Our own Gordana Rasic–who is a a pre-med student double-majoring in anthropology and molecular and cell biology, has a secret life as a fashion designer . . . She’s only been designing clothes for a year-and-a-half, but she already has her own business, called Goca — and her current collection has been chosen to be featured at “EMERGE!,” an event held as part of Fashion Week that features five emerging fashion designers from around the world.  Gordana is one of the five!  If you’d like to see the sorts of clothes she designs, check out the website of her business:

The organizers of EMERGE! are already featuring publicity about the upcoming runway show, and they’ve interviewed Gordana, along with her collaborator (Omar Villalobos), on their website.  You can see the 3-minute video interview here:

Good luck in New York, Gordana!