We are delighted to announce the Department of Anthropology’s Colloquium on Applied Anthropology and Careers Outside the Academy for the Fall 2012 semester. Through this colloquium series, we seek to enhance our students’ education, training, and preparation for seeking, obtaining, and working in non-academic positions in anthropology — an increasing focus in today’s intellectual landscape. Previous events in this series included talks in Spring 2012 by Ripan Malhi and Robert Myers.

This series includes four visiting experts in the Fall 2012 semester. Each expert will present a keynote talk at 3pm on a Thursday. We have also arranged for five graduate students to meet with each speaker over a lunch gathering and another group of five graduate students to meet with each speaker over dinner. These smaller, informal gatherings are intended to enhance our students’ opportunities for more in-depth conversations with these leading scholars in the fields of applied anthropology.

Dr. Jonathan Haas
Field Museum of Natural History

Thursday, September 20, 3 p.m.
Davenport Hall, Room 109A
Anthropologists and Archaeologists in Museums

Dr. Jeffrey Lee Adams
Global Heritage Fund

Thursday, October 18, 3 p.m.
Davenport Hall, Room 109A
NGOs and Archaeological Heritage Management

Dr. Shirley Fiske
University of Maryland

Thursday, October 25, 3 p.m.
Davenport Hall, Room 109A
Applied Anthropology in Governmental, Public Policy, and Sustainability Initiatives