Hello Anthropologists and Fans of Anthropology,

Welcome to our new blog!

We will use this blog to showcase the work and adventures of our dynamic community—a community that houses renowned faculty who conduct research around the world, and opportunities for students to study abroad and experience distinct cultural traditions both inside and outside the United States.

We initiate this blog with a call for bloggers currently abroad.  We seek undergraduate majors in anthropology to contribute their writing.  We’d love to hear about your experiences, observations, and adventures while abroad.  Your posts will  provide invaluable information—and inspiration!–for students thinking about studying abroad in our department  . . . and to anyone with access to the world wide web who may want to read about your trials, tribulations, and triumphs!

Please see the Guidelines here:

Undergraduate submissions to the blog will be moderated by Prof. Alma Gottlieb, Director of the UIUC Undergraduate Program in Anthropology.  Please submit all posts to her at: ajgottli@illinois.edu.

In the future, we will doubtless expand this site to include posts by other students, faculty, alumnae/i, and guests.  If you have ideas for new themes for our blog, please contact:

  • Paul Garber (Interim Head of Department): p-garber@illinois.edu
  • Chris Fennell (Director of Graduate Program): cfennell@illinois.edu
  • Alma Gottlieb (Director of Undergraduate Program): ajgottli@illinois.edu