UIUC Dept. of Anthropology/Blog Post Guidelines for Study Abroad Students

Undergraduate majors in anthropology:  We’d like to hear about your experiences, observations, and adventures while abroad!  As anthropologists in training, your thoughts are no doubt in overdrive much of the time, and we invite you to share some of your worries, fears, insights, and pleasures with us.  For example, you could write about:

  • an event or two that was especially meaningful (fun/scary/revelatory/frustrating?)
  • how you’ve found it easier/harder to make friends than you anticipated
  • some observations of how your new surroundings are surprisingly different from—or similar to—what you expected
  • a quiet moment of reflection you had in a café about your new life abroad
  • how you have or haven’t gotten used to new tastes, smells, politeness norms, body habits
  • how your language training has and hasn’t helped you get around
  • some ethical challenges, and how you’ve negotiated them
  • how what you’re observing speaks to (or against?) some anthro texts you’ve read
  • the evolution of your understanding of your host country while abroad
  • how your experience is helping you rethink your coursework once you return to UIUC
  • what you like most/least about the particular Study Abroad program you’re in
  • has your experience made you think about new career or graduate school options?

No matter what you choose to highlight, your posts will provide invaluable information—and inspiration!–for others in our department thinking about studying abroad. . . and to anyone with access to the World Wide Web who may want to read about your trials, tribulations, and triumphs.

A few guidelines:

  • Given that the web is open to anyone in the world with an internet connection, please use pseudonyms for people and places, and other means to disguise identities, if your post might offend or cause others harm.  This is good practice for your future research, as well as for all human relations!
  • We know we have an adventurous bunch, but please do not put yourself in harm’s way to report on any event that may put you or others in danger.  This blog is meant to be fun, not detrimental to your health!
  • Your tone can be either scholarly or casual and personal, but in all cases should aim for clarity.  Describe what you’ve seen and experienced in ways that others unfamiliar with your situation can appreciate and understand what you’ve been living.
  • Word count: aim for between about 500 and 1,000 words.
  • Please illustrate your post with a few photos or other illustrations if possible!  Best option: photos you’ve taken of your surroundings, and photos of you while abroad (be sure to give credit to the photographer); you may also use photos you find online if you give credit according to the guidelines of the website.

Undergraduate submissions to the blog will be moderated by Prof. Alma Gottlieb, Director of the UIUC Undergraduate Program in Anthropology.  Please submit all posts to her at: ajgottli@illinois.edu.